Airport Concepts announces the winner of iPad - watch a video!

The visitors of the Airport Concepts exhibition stand at Passenger Terminal Expo 2012 had an opportunity to win an iPad by taking part in small Airport Concepts survey. Visitors were asked to answer a few questions about the concepts and to specify, which concept in particular they found the most interesting.

Around 50 answers were received and the most interesting concept for PTX visitors was airport development. This was an expected result considering the nature of the event. However, there were also several people interested in winter conditions solutions and airside solutions concepts as well.

The questionnaire revealed that the biggest benefit of Airport Concepts is that they are new and innovative, as well as complete “turnkey” solutions.

The actual iPad draw was held at the Airport Cluster Finland showroom in Helsinki Airport, and the lucky lady was the CEO of Vantaa Innovation Institute, Mrs Ritva Alatalo. The lucky winner turned out to be Ms Hoefer from Munich Airport. Congratulations!

Watch a video of the iPad draw!


By Lotta Väinölä, 9.5.2012 15:14

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